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Offered in Ferrisburgh and Charlotte, VT


Along with working part-time at a local school, I proudly offer pet care services. I have been taking care of animals since I was a young child, experience is not a question.

See below for an updated list of services and pricing.

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Q: What is your jurisdiction?

A: Generally, I try to stay in Charlotte and North Ferrisburgh. (Shelburne Village, Bean Road, and end of Greenbush Road South are my general markers)

Q: Do you stay overnight?

A: Typically, yes! It all depends on your preference. I am able to do drop-in visits as well.

Q: Do you work during the day?

A: Yes. I work part-time following a split shift schedule in the middle of Charlotte-hence my boundary lines! My schedule allows for flexibility to care for your pets midday.

Q: Do you charge a full day every day?

A: Yes. For example, if I care for your animals from Friday-Saturday, you will be charged for two days of care. Even if you come home at 2pm on Saturday, I will still charge you for the day of care. I cared for your animals for two days.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Generally, no. This is one of my jobs. Granted, I know certain circumstances are different, and I am happy to chat when a long-term situation is expected.

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