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Allow me to Introduce Ourselves...

Hey y'all! In the midst of the coronavirus quarantine, I'm deciding to do something I should've done a while ago. BLOG! I've always felt my life was interesting enough for a TV show, with all the crap I deal with on a daily basis, but a blog is gonna have to be the next best thing... Since E! is so hung up on the Kardashians...

Anyway, I'm Morgan. I'm 22, and live with my wonderful (most days) boyfriend, Caleb, and our pets. I work at a local childcare facility, and Caleb builds boat docks, and loves landscaping in his spare time. I was a self employed entrepreneur for five years before transferring into childcare, with my own pet sitting, elder care, and home cleaning services. All stories for another day...

I have an intense love for all animals. Probably how I ended up with my own funny farm on the property with four ducks and six chickens but who's counting? I've also got a horse named Checkers, dog named Bella, and two cats. For reasons known to some-we will call the cats Little B and Shitty Kitty. My ducks and chickens have names too, because I can't just call them fluffy 1 and 2 when they misbehave. The ducks are Hops, Flops, Waddles, and Puddles. My flock of chickens are Harriet, Matilda, Thelma, Louise, Henrietta, and Loretta. There's no test on this later but don't be confused when I bitch about Matilda and think I mean the girl from the movie.

The purpose of my blog is to share my struggles, victories, etc. and to let go of my perfectionism. I don't have to create the perfect blog post, I just need to share what's on my mind. I don't have to share my life story in an entire post-I can let it trickle out as I write.

Whether I have one reader, seventeen, or none, I'll be fulfilling my purpose. Along with sharing personal stories I also hope to share some inspiration, some tips, some things to help you help me.

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